Aims and Values

An inclusive community where all children enjoy their learning and achieve their full potential

We aim for all our children to;

  • achieve consistently high standards across the curriculum
  • acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the changing world in which they live
  • respect and value themselves, other people and the environment
  • develop enquiring minds with motivation to learn
  • work independently and collaboratively
  • take responsibility for their own actions and make informed choices
  • have well developed communication and social skills
  • have self-confidence and high self-esteem
  • recognise themselves as citizens of the wider world
  • extend themselves in mind, body and spirit

… in order to prepare them for adult life and life-long learning.

To achieve these aims for our children we are committed to provide the following;

  • a welcoming, stimulating and safe learning environment
  • high expectations of our children and ourselves
  • a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum
  • high quality teaching using a variety of teaching strategies
  • a range of resources that are effectively used to support learning
  • equal access to all aspects of the curriculum and school life
  • support, guidance and training for all those who teach and work with our children
  • foster and maintain links with our local community and the wider community
  • recognize and celebrate achievements in all areas of school life

work enthusiastically together to achieve our vision and aims


  • I can make sure nobody feels left out


  • To know what is important in life
  • To know that everyone in school is important


  • To support one another
  • To care for others and ourselves
  • To protect others and ourselves


  • To actively take part
  • To listen to others and be able to tell them your ideas
  • To work together to achieve a goal


  • To get knowledge or skill in a new subject or activity
  • To start to understand
  • To be told facts or information that you did not know


  • To be the best that I can be
  • To work hard to achieve something


  • To recognise an achievement
  • To let other people know what you have achieved


  • I can listen to others.
  • I can share and work well with others.
  • I can respect others’ thoughts and opinions.

Take a Risk

  • I can have a go.
  • I can learn from my mistakes and try again.
  • I can try new experiences.

Take Care of Ourselves

  • I can tell someone when I don’t feel safe.
  • I can make good decisions about my own health, safety and happiness.
  • I can be a good friend to others.

Keep Trying

  • I can use different resources to help me achieve success.
  • I can do it!
  • I can keep going even when it is hard.

Problem Solving

  • I can work through things.
  • I can decide what I need to do to finish a task.
  • I know that I can ask questions.

Work Independently

  • I can work by myself.
  • I know where to go for help if I need it.


  • I always try to use my imagination and work creatively in every situation.
  • I can ‘think outside the box’.
  • I can explore new ideas.

Reflection and Evaluation

  • I can look at my work and see how I can make it better next time.
  • I know when I have done well.
  • I can support my friends in their learning.

Manage our feelings

  • I can keep calm when I am feeling annoyed.
  • I can express my feelings in an appropriate way.
  • I am able to think about how my actions affect others.

Confident Communicator

  • I can express my own opinions but respect the views of others.
  • I am willing to talk to different people.
  • I can use different types of communication.


  • is knowing I am unique and valuable
  • is liking who I am
  • is listening to others


  • Is being fair
  • Is doing my share of the work
  • Is taking care of myself and others


  • Is being friendly
  • Is being generous
  • Is thinking about how others feel


  • Is being helpful and finding answers
  • Is optimistic about your work
  • Is confident in what you do


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