At Hatchell Wood our curriculum is based on the Cornerstones Curriculum.

The Four Cornerstones of Learning:


We all need inspiration to start with.


Learners ENGAGE in purposeful and contextualised learning experiences; in and outside the classroom, making best use of partners, experts and the community to provide the stimulus to learn.


Then we need to know how, why and what.


Learners DEVELOP their knowledge, understanding, key and subject skills required to progress their learning through quality differentiation, focused learning tasks and experiences.


We can then decide how we want to use what we know.

Learners are given the opportunity to INNOVATE by applying their knowledge, skills and understanding through a challenging provocation, using their own and negotiated ideas.


Then we want to share our learning and opinions.

Learners EXPRESS and evaluate their knowledge, understanding and skills, as outcomes of the learning in different memorable forms including using a variety of media and technology.

…and it really works.

This simple sounding philosophy is very powerful and condenses the learning process down to its fundamental parts.

As teachers across the globe know, you need to engage the people in front of you first before you can develop their skills or knowledge. Then for them to retain this new knowledge they have to be able to use and apply it in an innovative way that is meaningful to them (at whatever level of innovation that is). Finally they need to reflect on the learning and express their knowledge and understanding meaningfully, so as to cement that knowledge and contextualise it.

This philosophy focuses on pedagogy, it develops teachers’ skills in planning child negotiated, enquiry led learning and provides opportunities for teachers to develop their range of pedagogic skills. Above all our philosophy is based around fun and challenge, as we believe these are the building blocks of good learning.

We use this philosophy and adapt the units to fit our curriculum and school.  Please see year group pages for details of their curriculum.

Our Curriculum Partners

We use the Mathematics Mastery Programme to improve, empower and equip pupils’ enjoyment, resilience, understanding and attainment in maths. Find out more . . .

We use a range of online learning platforms to support our pupil’s learning in school and at home. These include: MyMaths, Times Tables Rock Stars and Seesaw.

Our PE lessons are taught by specialist sports coach Mr Harvey, who also runs our school holiday camps in association with Fit2Cycle.

We teach the children according to the National Curriculum.

 A full copy of which is available here

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