Exciting Times!
As I’m sure you’re all now aware our school converted to an academy on 1st October and from now on will be known as Hatchell Wood Primary Academy.  The decision to convert was not taken lightly by either the school governors or the senior staff and has involved lots of discussions and meetings in the preceding months.  We decided to join the Rose Learning Trust as they have the same beliefs and ethos as our school and we are able to keep our individuality while having the support of other like-minded schools.
I know Mr Harris has sent out lots of information about what it means to be an academy but for you as parents and the children there will be very little noticeable difference. Within the management of the school we will continue to work towards excellence, ensuring that all children are given the best possible opportunities to grow and develop.

Y6 SATs week
4 – 17 May
What an important milestone in pupils’ journey through school! Y6 pupils are coming to the end of their time at Hatchell Wood Primary Academy and after working so hard to prepare for them, they have had the chance to show just what they could do in their SATs tests. It was a pleasure to watch them tackle the papers, concentrating, thinking and remembering everything they had been taught – read the questions carefully, check your answers, move on if you’re not sure and go back if you have time at the end. Whatever the results, no one can say that they were not properly prepared and they all behaved impeccably; they are a credit to all the staff who have worked so hard to make sure they were ready for their SATs and all set to move on to their new schools in September.

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