EYFS 2021 - 2022

enlightenedHome learning resources from Twinkl:

Twinkl have created some FREE home learning resources for you to access. Click the link below to download them. smiley


yes Remember to check out the Home Learning page (the blue button on the main menu) for some great educational websites that you can use to continue your learning at home. There might even be some educational games for you to play.

Phonics Play have made all of their resources FREE, just use these detials:

USERNAME: march20


Bees and Butterflies

Week Commencing: 30th March 2020


Written Task

Look out of the window or go out in to the garden – what can you see?

Draw a picture of the garden outside your window. Can you label the different things you can see?

You could try and write sentences about what you can see. Could you use any of your tricky words in your sentences?



Maths Task

Watch the Farmer Pete number bonds to 10 video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbiji4iMZgs

How many different ways of making ten can you find?


Practical maths

Use practical resources to help your child such as pencils, teddies etc.  Please let the children practise splitting ten into 2 groups and discuss how many is in each group, and how they can be added together to make 10.


Written maths task

  1. How many different ways can you find to make 10?  Write them down as addition sentences

Eg. 2 + 8 = 10          5+5= 10


  1. You may wish to try some challenge questions


6 + ________ = 10                      5 + ___ = 10                9 + _________ =10               3 + ___ = 10          8 + ____ = 10

Reading Task

  1. Please read at least 3 x per week  (online or physical reading books) You could ask your child questions about what they have read to check their understanding.
  2. Practise reading and recognition of your tricky words (on your key rings)
  3. Practise reading your letters and your digraphs (on your key rings or use a phonics website. Phonicsplay.co.uk  have some good games)

Other  Suggested Weekly Learning – Tasks Related to all areas of the EYFS Curriculum



Personal, Social, Emotional Development (PSED)

Play a game at home where you have take turns.

Practise sharing and waiting for your turn.

Communication and language

Read a story with a grown up and discuss what has happened.

 Can you answer how / why questions?


Physical Development

Listen to and join in with the BBC time to move  dance episodes – Spring in the garden


Joe wicks is also offering daily PE lessons on his you tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ



See reading tasks above.


See above.

Letter formation – handwriting practise



See tasks above for maths

Shape, Space and Measure

Practise recognition and describing 2D shapes.

Understanding the World

Draw and label a picture of a plant. Labels must include

  • Stem
  • Petals
  • Leaves
  • Flower

Creative Arts and Design

Please complete a spring art/craft activity using the resources you have at home. Some ideas can be found below, but feel free to choose your own!

If you do not have the resources needed to complete an activity of this nature, please encourage your child to think about the features of spring and to draw a spring scene.


Please practise the following spellings:

  1. you
  2. all
  3. they
  4. the
  5. into
You could also have a go at writing these in a sentence.


We miss you already. We would love to see any photographs and videos of your children completing the tasks on tapestry! J


 Useful website for home learning and educational games

EYFS Home learning pack:  



Phonics games: 














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