SEND & Inclusion

Our Inclusion Team includes;

Mrs S Morgan - SENCO and Inclusion Lead 

Mrs J Swiffen - Learning Mentor 

Mrs K Jenkins - Forest School Leader


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Doncaster Autism Friendly Chartermark 

The Autism Charter Mark challenges school to meet 35 quality standards which are based on the nationally recognised Autism Education Trust standards. These standards ask schools and other educational settings to evaluate how they work to address the needs of students on the autism spectrum.

The standards include:

· the individual student – obtaining information both directly from the student and their parents or carers to find out what motivates, engages and encourages them in a meaningful way

· Building relationships between staff and students and to actively listen to them and their parents and carers to promote opportunities for the exchange of information and ideas. By having a strong relationship this will enable the staff and families to have open discussion

· Curriculum and learning – having a curriculum that addresses not only the learning needs of students but also addresses their social, emotional ell-being and communication and life skill needs

· Enabling environments – speaking to students with autism about what they do with their free tie both indoors and outdoors. This would enable the schools to provide sensory activities and structure play that suits the individual student

Schools are asked to self-evaluate against these standards providing a portfolio of evidence to the council. That evidence is then assessed and verified by the council’s Autism and Social Communication outreach service.

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