EMBRACE Curriculum



Hatchell Wood is an inclusive community where all our children enjoy their learning and reach their full potential.

Our Embrace Curriculum supports all learners to achieve this by drawing on the Jigsaw PSHE curriculum, the Thrive Approach, Forest School and Growth Mindset.

Emotional Literacy 

Our children will learn how to name and understand their emotions and will be able to recognise how others are feeling. They will begin to learn which

strategies help them to manage their emotions and how they can also help others with this.


We promote a growth mindset, the belief that we can get better at something with practice. We encourage our children to see challenge as a positive aspect of learning, and to view mistakes as an opportunity to learn. A growth mindset underpins all our learning at Hatchell Wood

Being Outside

Hatchell Wood is a Forest School. We believe in the benefits of children being outdoors and learning in a natural setting wherever possible. We use our outdoor spaces to support exploration, promote risk-tasking and to develop self-esteem and confidence.


We follow the Thrive approach in school which helps adults build safe and supportive relationships so that children are open to learning.

Through our Jigsaw programme our children learn about healthy relationships, how to be a good friend, bullying and our own self identity.

Achievement for All

We want all our children to reach their FULL potential. Our Embrace curriculum promotes positive self-esteem, healthy relationships  emotional wellbeing and resilience, so that our children are not only successful learners, but resilient and respectful young people.


We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming school community. We learn about how to keep ourselves safe in the online community. We work with partners such as schools, charities and businesses in our local community. We celebrate international days, charities and world events in our global community. 

Everyone Thrives

Our Thrive approach underpins our inclusive curriculum. All students learn about their own power and identity. How to use our power for good. How to recognise our own strengths, and feelings, and how to embrace new skills with resilience. For those who need it our Thrive base offers additional support.

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